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When you already studied Hiragana, 
your next step is learning Katakana characters.
I know, you may think like "I still need to learn more characters?🤯”.
I'm afraid but yes, katakana is also essential to learn.
But don't worry, this workbook makes your memorizing katakana easiler, more effective and fun!
Download the workbook to begin your Katakana learning journey!

- The Complete Katakana Workbook
- pdf printable
- 19 pages in total
- 2 pages of katakana charts (46 basic letters + all letters)
- with guide of stroke order for each letter

- 5 pages to practice each katakana letter
- 5 pages to learn 46 katakana words
- must-have item for absolute beginners
- simple, kawaii, effective, easy to use

- Colors may vary depending on your screen
- Please note that this is a digital download
-Download is intended for ONE USER ONLY, and transfer to a third party is strictly prohibited
- Due to the nature of the product, no refunds or exchanges are permitted for digital items

The Complete Katakana Workbook

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